i-SPY Mystery Shopper Testimonials


I pursued working with i-SPY hospitality due to my love of restaurants. Having worked in the hospitality industry I enjoyed the challenge of observing the many details that entail eating at a restaurant. I recommend this company with my all.

I got to dine at restaurants I would not have visited. I received payments quickly. Scheduling is flexible. Working with i-SPY hospitality was a wonderful experience, and I’m disappointed that I’m not able to do it longer because my real work schedule.

I have been working with i-SPY for nearly two years. The meals I’ve gotten to enjoy have been outstanding – restaurants I would not normally have gone to. Mystery shopping has been a pleasant experience.

As a discerning foodie, this has been an excellent opportunity to dine at some great restaurants in NYC and I get to bring a friend with.

I’m fortunate to be a part of the i-SPY mystery shopping hospitality team. I was given the chance to eat at some of the finest restaurants in NYC — and I do so several times a month. They are flexible with scheduling, providing concise feedback and quickly responds to questions.

This has been a positive and unique experience that has made me appreciate dining at many types of restaurants when I’m not “spying.”

I’ve been working with i-SPY hospitality since the end of August and am loving this experience. I get to eat at great restaurants and experience new places and foods. I’m provided thorough instructions for assignments and get clarification with follow up questions. 

I love to mystery shop with i-SPY. My reports and meals count for something. We help restaurants discover how their operation is running in real time. I’m happy to have found this opportunity and be a part of the mystery shopping team.

At i-SPY, you work with someone who is clear with report feedback, organized and professional – straight to the point, which is what I like!

Mystery shopping at i-SPY has been a great experience. I love dining at some of the best restaurants in my area and writing honest feedback on the service and food! While the reports can be lengthy, it is satisfying to write a quality report that captures my dining experience.

This has been a dream job for me! I get to go with friends to the area’s best restaurants and try different dishes for free. I’ve strengthen my writing and making some extra money.

I’m able to go to different restaurants, many finer dining. The experiences are very good. Food and beverage expenses are covered, and a stipend provided. Mystery shopper reports are detailed. If you are detail oriented, you get the hang of the report requirements after a few trials.

Over the past two years, I’ve had many meals with friends at some of the best restaurants in the area. Experiencing new cocktails, menu items, and trendy venues is fun. The instructions for the mystery shops are detailed. I’m reimbursed for the meal (on average $150-$250), plus paid $15.

I have been mystery shopping with i-SPY for 10 years. Their approach to mystery shopping is much more professional than competitors. I hold myself to high standards in my work. Clients use the reports to improve service and meal quality.

I’ve worked for i-SPY for over two years now and mystery shop some amazing restaurants. The reports have to be on point and detailed. I’ve never have an issue with payment. I do what is expected and I don’t have issues.

I’ve worked with Marc Kravitz and i-SPY almost two years as a mystery shopper and enjoy my experience. I’ve completed over 100 assignments and find the instructions clear. I get to treat family and friends to a wonderful meal. Sometimes these meals cost $300 — not bad compensation! They have high standards, and I imagine the reports are useful to their clients.

I have worked as a mystery shopper for i-SPY since 2014. Reports are more time-consuming than other mystery shopping companies I have worked with. i-SPY pays a higher fee than other companies for comparable assignments and I receive payment and reimbursement much faster.

I get to write restaurant reviews at cool restaurants. Detailed instructions. Quick payment. We get to eat at expensive restaurants ($200+).